Control Systems Design Inc.
   CSD was founded in 1977. The same year that the Allen Bradley Company launched the PLC2 programmable logic controller; one of the earliest production model PLC’s on the market. It was only nine years earlier that General Motors commissioned the very first computer automated machine. CSD has been on the cutting edge of automation technologies ever since.

   In the world we live in today technology is changing and advancing at a break neck speed. A PC purchased today will be inferior in a year or so. Unfortunately, in technology’s fast paced and highly competitive market; hardware and software products often make it to market before they are perfected. CSD has maintained a “nothing is impossible” work ethic for over thirty five years. Our dedicated engineers have worked through the complex, unknown, difficulties that are often present with new products and technologies.

As well, the applications that our customers desire are often complex; loaded with different technologies and protocols. CSD’s engineers are accustomed to solving these idiosyncrasies to provide a harmonious integrated system that will keep your business at the peak of productivity.